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And then they were none...

And I realized I haven't posted anything here in a few months.
Yeah so long, I didn't even mentioned about my ferret. The thing is he died the next morning and I had to go to work on the evening. I don't need to say that it wasn't easy to go.
We managed to get him back home and bury him in the garden. It took a steel plate to avoid the dog from digging there even though we made him a little coffin.
Time went by a long time since, it feels like such.
I can't say 2011 started well, very few work, two days in February, it didn't get better until April and then things seemed to suddenly rush. I booked my plane to USA, will be there all summer caring and stuff for horses. Will be at AC too while I can and opportunities keeps coming.
For all that to happen in good ways, I'm also selling my bike, I didn't ride much, only 6,000 km while I had it but now it mostly collects dust in the garage and I don't like that plus it was never the right bike for me, slightly too short and too thin, it was not great for long rides.
I think I greatly improved my art recently, I'm still lacking the will that would make me a really good one. Not a professional one, no. I don't think I have the dedication it requires.
I'm only dedicated with animals.
Recently I started viewing all Star Trek series. Find it weird or not, I never saw them fully. When I was a kid there was reruns of TOS and I saw what I could of it but I don't think episodes were in order. Then as I grew up, I remember seeing a poster of The Next Generation on my cinema's wall. TNG was the only series I never saw on TV. Then with SyFy, I discovered Voyager and Enterprise.
So in order, I watched Voyager, The Original Series, Enterprise, The Next Generation and then I'm on Season 6 of DS9. I know it's not the correct order but that's how I saw them. It may have helped to watch them in order but I don't care, I'm good as it is.
While work picked up, I found myself gone from house for up to five days a week, sleeping in my truck and having time to spare. So I thought of putting my e-reader to good use and started with the Pern series. The first book at least, it was quite good but meanwhile I wanted to finish my paper books waiting to collect dust after I had them read. So I picked the DelaSangre series which first book I read quite some times ago, and one after another I read the whole series. It barely took me a week to read all three books but only because I forced myself to stop and sleep. One book I read 200 pages at once. I really enjoyed reading it, almost wishing for a fifth book. But the two last words tell you it's over.
And no, it's not "the end."
I've read some books but not that many if I look by the years I've been on Earth. Most of the classics I haven't or hadn't read. I read The Little Prince recently as well as Micromegas from Voltaire, both short but very interesting stories about human kind.
When I think about it, I wonder if I didn't lose my time doing things instead of reading the big classics then I shrug and start reading again. Those are books and they can be started any time. So that's why I started Pern more than 40 years after its creation.
I'm glad I did.
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