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Ferret is old and ill

So after waiting and hoping my ferret would get better I went to the vet school nearby with specialized vets.
They asked me several questions and made a quick test to see his health. Unlike the family vet, they quickly noticed he was in bad shape, they asked me if I wanted to wait until they make x-rays and blood tests to which I agreed.
After a long wait, I got to see the photography of the adrenal glands, one was huge compared to the other, to what the vet said it was a very common affection to old ferret. I was a bit surprised as I thought ferrets would live between 10 and 12 years, they told me that ferrets normal lifespan is 7 to 9 years, mine being 6, he is considered old and they said it is common to see ferrets of that age come with this affection in there. The really bad news was from the blood test, as they found he had a kidney deficiency. They don't know yet if it's the poor state he is in or if the kidneys are really failing.
More blood results should come tomorrow. Vet said if the kidneys are failing, the surgery would be useless.
He was so weak, he kept shaking and couldn't stand. He never showed such signs at home even today :(. They kept him under a heat lamp, and he stayed there under watch. I heard they will put him under force feeding (through a needle in bloodstream?).
The vet also mentioned a blood transfusion. He is so weak he wouldn't sustain the surgery in his actual state.
The surgery is 500€...
I shall know more on Friday.
I miss him.
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