Dragon Layers (NaNoWriMo working tile).

In a realm not so far away, except perhaps in time and culture, live peacefully humans and dragons alike. The creatures have lived so long together that their society have grown to accept and encourage mixed relations and marriage between their kinds. A tweek of nature even made inter-breeding real, but only for some of them. The reason for this is yet unknown and marriage can be refused if the couple is found to be infertile.
When infertility meets with drastic laws and greedy manipulators, love will be hard tested on the altar of justice.

Adult novel.

Happy Birthday

A year ago that day, we lost a great friend to all and a mentor to many.
Yet I want to celebrate that day as one of joy as he turned into what he always knew he was. And by doing so, he brought us with even more care for each other and a stronger bond between all of us.
What we lost that day, he gave us back ten folds by showing us the way to spiritual enlightenment.
Three days ago was my birthday and those two events are now forever linked in a short period of time.
So here's my message to you: "Happy birthday Athus!"


We all think about it. We all know that one day it will come to us.
Some use religion as a cover for the unknown, others hide against the fact that whatever happens, they don't fear it.
I'm more of the second kind.
Yet it's just a plating. When death hits me in the face, I feel powerless as everyone on this planet.
Makes you wonder what's life is all about. *shrug* I don't think I want to know.
At least, he is not suffering anymore today.
A friend of I and mom died today in the hospital, a cancer relapse.
I guess I'll just enjoy life as much as I can and die when my time comes, will it be tomorrow or in half a century.
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And then they were none...

And I realized I haven't posted anything here in a few months.
Yeah so long, I didn't even mentioned about my ferret. The thing is he died the next morning and I had to go to work on the evening. I don't need to say that it wasn't easy to go.
We managed to get him back home and bury him in the garden. It took a steel plate to avoid the dog from digging there even though we made him a little coffin.
Time went by a long time since, it feels like such.
I can't say 2011 started well, very few work, two days in February, it didn't get better until April and then things seemed to suddenly rush. I booked my plane to USA, will be there all summer caring and stuff for horses. Will be at AC too while I can and opportunities keeps coming.
For all that to happen in good ways, I'm also selling my bike, I didn't ride much, only 6,000 km while I had it but now it mostly collects dust in the garage and I don't like that plus it was never the right bike for me, slightly too short and too thin, it was not great for long rides.
I think I greatly improved my art recently, I'm still lacking the will that would make me a really good one. Not a professional one, no. I don't think I have the dedication it requires.
I'm only dedicated with animals.
Recently I started viewing all Star Trek series. Find it weird or not, I never saw them fully. When I was a kid there was reruns of TOS and I saw what I could of it but I don't think episodes were in order. Then as I grew up, I remember seeing a poster of The Next Generation on my cinema's wall. TNG was the only series I never saw on TV. Then with SyFy, I discovered Voyager and Enterprise.
So in order, I watched Voyager, The Original Series, Enterprise, The Next Generation and then I'm on Season 6 of DS9. I know it's not the correct order but that's how I saw them. It may have helped to watch them in order but I don't care, I'm good as it is.
While work picked up, I found myself gone from house for up to five days a week, sleeping in my truck and having time to spare. So I thought of putting my e-reader to good use and started with the Pern series. The first book at least, it was quite good but meanwhile I wanted to finish my paper books waiting to collect dust after I had them read. So I picked the DelaSangre series which first book I read quite some times ago, and one after another I read the whole series. It barely took me a week to read all three books but only because I forced myself to stop and sleep. One book I read 200 pages at once. I really enjoyed reading it, almost wishing for a fifth book. But the two last words tell you it's over.
And no, it's not "the end."
I've read some books but not that many if I look by the years I've been on Earth. Most of the classics I haven't or hadn't read. I read The Little Prince recently as well as Micromegas from Voltaire, both short but very interesting stories about human kind.
When I think about it, I wonder if I didn't lose my time doing things instead of reading the big classics then I shrug and start reading again. Those are books and they can be started any time. So that's why I started Pern more than 40 years after its creation.
I'm glad I did.
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Ferret is old and ill

So after waiting and hoping my ferret would get better I went to the vet school nearby with specialized vets.
They asked me several questions and made a quick test to see his health. Unlike the family vet, they quickly noticed he was in bad shape, they asked me if I wanted to wait until they make x-rays and blood tests to which I agreed.
After a long wait, I got to see the photography of the adrenal glands, one was huge compared to the other, to what the vet said it was a very common affection to old ferret. I was a bit surprised as I thought ferrets would live between 10 and 12 years, they told me that ferrets normal lifespan is 7 to 9 years, mine being 6, he is considered old and they said it is common to see ferrets of that age come with this affection in there. The really bad news was from the blood test, as they found he had a kidney deficiency. They don't know yet if it's the poor state he is in or if the kidneys are really failing.
More blood results should come tomorrow. Vet said if the kidneys are failing, the surgery would be useless.
He was so weak, he kept shaking and couldn't stand. He never showed such signs at home even today :(. They kept him under a heat lamp, and he stayed there under watch. I heard they will put him under force feeding (through a needle in bloodstream?).
The vet also mentioned a blood transfusion. He is so weak he wouldn't sustain the surgery in his actual state.
The surgery is 500€...
I shall know more on Friday.
I miss him.
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You were born during a First Quarter moon
This phase occurs in the middle of the moon's waxing phases, after the new moon and before the full moon.

- what it says about you -
You test everything. You're sometimes unhappy with what others think is "good enough". You pointing out things you see wrong with the world, even if others are afraid it may cause some unrest. When something isn't right, you're the one who's not afraid to make dramatic changes. You're good at keeping your head in a crisis and reminding people that it takes a shakeup to fix things.
What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at
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Rant x-posted on twitlonger.

So it's 4 am and I can't sleep. I'm still out of job and keep getting letters saying no or just no letter at all.

I know if you keep hard onto something, it always come up to you. Well, not always, sometimes it just doesn't and the fact that I'm both transsexual and looking for a job doing shows with animals doesn't help. None of my potential employers know about it yet, I want to keep that for when my place is secured and see how it goes from there.
Technically, they are not allowed to refuse me because of it as it is illegally but the illegal part of it is not what worries me.
France has a weird policy of "do what I say, not what I do", recently it went to the European Counsil to vote against a law that forces transsexual to have a surgery before they can get a name/gender change on ID and then once back in France enforced that law here regardeless to what they claimed there.
So yes, I can't sleep because I'm worried.
Some may never get a job they want no more how hard they try. I know I shouldn't complain as I can do many kind of jobs instead of marine mammals such as horses, computers, truck driving or even arts, I even tried applying for a guide job for tourists.
And yet, despite that, I'm still looking.
So tonight, I daydreamed. I daydreamed about finding myself in court and having to explain myself about "cheating", cheating about my real name and gender, cheating for a job. Cheating because I have legally no right to be a woman until I get this surgery and yet, according to the law and mandatory shrinks I see, I must act as a woman without having the legal rights to do so.
And I'm here ranting and sitting on the side of my bed, hoping that one day, the world will change for the good of all.

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